Spacekids has included in its activities a series of events and informative activities for both parents and kids including a wide range of topics that are affecting the family daily life. The contribution of our partners to this endeavor is crucial since through their scientific knowledge and expertise can help to improve the quality of our life.

Our Speakers

Anthoulla Papageorgiou, Psycologist

Anthoulla Papageorgiou is a registered School / Educational Psychologist (Register Number: 460). She has been working in the private sector for two years, and since January 2019 she has been a member of the Board of the Cyprus Psychological Association.
Her studies in Psychology began in 2008 at the University of Cyprus, but her love for the subject started years ago. In 2013 she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology, and the following year she worked at the School for the Blind as a Disability Assistant, where she remained until June 2016. The area of ​​education and the interaction with the children made her realize that professionally she wanted to continue on these paths.

So she went on to apply to the Graduate School of Applied Psychology at the University of Cyprus, where she graduated in 2017. Through this program she had the opportunity to work with several schools, to evaluate students and conduct experiential workshops and presentations. Since then, and with her registration with the Registered School Psychologists Register, she has continued to work with public and private schools in  Nicosia province to carry out various activities for both children and parents and teachers. Its ultimate goal is to promote children’s mental health, to enlighten, prevent and promptly intervene in mental health issues and to improve relationships between family, child and school.
Her love for children and adolescents has continued through her volunteering at Scouting for eleven years. For her, the acquisition of knowledge through non-formal learning is very important, but equally important is the cultivation of good and right citizens.
Through the seminars and experiential workshops offered at Spacekids, Anthoula looks forward to further information, skills development and enriching parents’ knowledge on mental health issues for their children and beyond.

Elena Troullidou, Nutritionist

Elena Troulidou, Clinical Nutritionist, a registered and active member of the Cyprus Dietitians and Nutritionists Association, is specialized in obesity and childhood nutrition and Clinical Diseases. She has conducted many studies on health-related topics. Elena supervises elite athletes aiming to increase their performance.
She was a research associate of Peace Players International where she educated children aged 8-18 on health and nutrition.
She is the author of the Healthy Nutrition Handbook “Healthy Eating Guidelines 2016”.
She has been teaching Dietetics and Nutrition in Colleges since 2007. She has collaborated with Sigma TV and Rik, as well as contributing to numerous journals and columns on weight loss – clinical diseases, etc.
She is a graduate of the Department of Nutrition Science and Nutrition at Charokopios University and a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation at the University of Nicosia.
Elena Troulidou is the founder of the mydietspot Health & Weight Loss Center (www.mydietspot.com) in Nicosia, which she has maintained since 2007, with the aim of promoting Public Health.

Our Events

Άγχος στην παιδική ηλικία

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Stress in childhood

There are many words that usually come to mind when we hear the word “anxiety”: anxiety, irritability, discomfort, distress, etc. Much less often will stress
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